I am Tina Bryan


Photography found me more than 20 years ago at the local newspaper in Grand Forks, BC.

I was struggling to find a career needing work to raise my kids and back then job shadowing was a way to gain experience, so I volunteered to write stories for the paper.

I was handed a camera and was given lessons from an experienced photojournalist and off I went.

It was truly love at first picture, the ability to capture those moments my stories told! 

From there I freelanced and covered heart-warming human interest stories, sports, the Grand Forks International Baseball Tournament, news events and concerts.

Through the years, I’ve photographed more formal events like weddings and family events.

Today my images tell a different story; it is one of the landscapes, of light, of creating interesting compositions and putting inspirational writing to my photos.

Yes, photography found me and it’s an ever-changing journey of endless learning but gives so much joy and happiness.

If you want to challenge yourself let photography find you…join us for our workshops, we want to share our expertise, experience and passion for our photography as we take you out on location where you can capture beautiful landscapes.