Welcome to my website!

My love for photography began early: I grew up in Budapest, Hungary with a father who was the president of a local photo club and I learned a lot from him. Later, I certified as an electrician and worked in art installation and art promotion in Hungary before emigrating to Canada. Since 2002 I have 
made my home in Grand Forks, British Columbia, and where you'll find me photographing birds, landscapes and, generally, using natural light. My commissioned work is diverse, as you will see - I photograph what the community chooses to remember and am available for:

Photo Tours and Workshops

Weddings & Engagements (Please book early!)


  • Infants & Children
  • Birthdays & Graduations
  • Families & Groups
  • Warm, Natural Portraits for Your Business - Website, Social Media, etc
  • Food Photography


  • Birthdays
  • Reunions
  • Dances
  • Sports
  • Business Events & Trade Shows

Art Installations and Reproductions

Commercial and Industrial Projects with 45.7MP camera!


Thank you for considering me to be your next photographer. I look forward to hearing from you.