Jessi Thiessen(non-registered)
Peter, I am happy and greatful for all the pictures I got from you. I am also bubbling with excitement to see how my website turns out! As a Realtor new to this industry I wanted to really show case what this area had to offer. With your photos I hope I do just that. It’s gonna take some time to complete but I’ll let you know once it’s done. Thanks so much for being so helpful.
Russell Morrison
Peter, I can't express what a blessing it is to have an extraordinarily gifted gentleman like yourself, to capture our little towns moments as you do so very well!

Thank you Peter Kalasz, from all of us Tokanees!
Petra Nielsen
Dear Peter,
we feel honoured, that you were part of our celebration of love. You captured every moment of the party before the party, the preparations on the wedding day, and of course the wedding. Looking at the pictures, I am reliving the moments of love, laughter, happiness, joy and silliness.
All pictures are stunningly beautiful and reflect the beauty of the event and it is difficult to not just select all of them. You brought not only your professionalism but also a hard to find sensibility to the event. You knew intuitively, when to bring people together and when we needed a break and in-between you just captured our friends and family having fun.
It was like having a dedicated friend taking pictures who really cares and not a hired professional doing just his job. You were always smiling, and so patient and so full of joy, that it was easy to just be happy and relish every moment.

Thank you Peter, for being such a wonderful witness of our special day!

Petra and Mark
Curtis Shokoples
To my great delight I have discovered that we have a world class photographer right here in beautiful Grand Forks BC.
Peter you are a treasure!!
Paige Deryck(non-registered)
We asked Peter Kalasz to photograph us as a couple, outdoors with a beautiful backdrop of the Granby river. Thanks for finding such a great location. I've watched you photograph so many beautiful events and people, I knew we needed you to photograph us. Your pictures are so crisp and well set we are very pleased with the 118 photos you took of us. I would recommend Peter for any occasion that you want great memories to look back on.
Nicole McCallum
Peter, where do I begin...

You have captured so many family memories. Like a painting, your artistry and soul come through the scenes captured forever by your lens. This community is so lucky to have such a gem. I have recently purchased your digital copies ( a few portraits of the children at the Harvest Festival) to share with Family and Friends.

Thank you thank you thank you!

Also, I have finally printed a portrait of our daughter on canvas. A very easy process done locally at Contact Photos. I am over joyed to give this as a gift to her Granny as a 70th Birthday Surprise.

Your professionalism and beautiful light shine through all that you do.


Wendy McCulloch, GM, Community Futures Boundary(non-registered)
Dear Peter:

We would like to extend our thanks for all of your photography assistance that was showcased at our Annual Small Business Excellence Awards event.

Your contribution is one of the most important elements of our event. The impressive and professional images will be a mark of excellence in our history's records.

Your's truly,
Wendy McCulloch
Peter I know many from my family have had a chance to thank you already but please accept a belated THANK YOU on behalf of our branch of the Pavan family. What a pleasure to work with you!! You were such a wonderful, friendly and professional part of the 50th Anniversary celebration! Thank you especially for your keen and well trained eye! You have captured so many unique & special moments that will be treasured by all our family and friends for years to come.
Sincerely, David Pavan & family ;-)
Amy Zorn(non-registered)
Peter you have captured so many amazing memories for our family at BMX. The books of photos I was able to make from your website are excellent! I made one for each of my boys and they love to look through the pictures. We will treasure them for years to come.
Patricia Ryder(non-registered)
You create your own unforgettable memories, Peter captures and preserves them for you.
Peter has captured the wondrous bond between myself and my dog Abby. The pictures he took of us will be a beautiful addition into the album of my life’s cherished memories.
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